Uber (2013) #3 Wrap Cover variant

Uber (2013) #3 Wrap Cover variant
  • Každá komiksová „zošitovka“ je zvlášť zabalená do špeciálného ochranného obalu, obsahujúceho aj takzvaný backboard, ktoré spoločne zabezpečujú jej bezproblémovú dopravu k Vám, a jej následné uskladnenie.
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Kieron Gillen’s brutal war epic roars into comic shops today with a vengeance. ?Uber #3 reveals the simultaneous events unfolding in London and Berlin as the world begins a new arms race to build and deploy super soldiers. ?Hitler’s insanity is out of control as he turns his new deadly toys against an unsuspecting Paris in an effort to give the the world “opera.” ?And Churchill’s with his inner demons as well as how to catch up in a race that he and the rest of the free world can’t afford to lose.

If you’ve not been following Uber – this series has redefined the “super soldier” story into a gripping an powerful character drama. ?Superbly researched and masterfully executed, the series will change the way you look at World War II comics and delivers a powerful message on the horrors of war.

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