Vertigo Essentials: The Sandman (2013) #1

Vertigo Essentials: The Sandman (2013) #1
  • Každá komiksová „zošitovka“ je zvlášť zabalená do špeciálného ochranného obalu, obsahujúceho aj takzvaný backboard, ktoré spoločne zabezpečujú jej bezproblémovú dopravu k Vám, a jej následné uskladnenie.
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Roderick Burgess was not merely a spiteful man, was also futile and presumptuous. It was not satisfied with the wealth by or with the leadership of the Order of the Ancient Mysteries (founded 16 years before the turn of the century by the Burgess). 

The year was 1916, in the outside world, the Great War was fought in 'Fawney Ring', his residence in Susex, Roderick Burgess devised a plan. He capture the death, the abuser Ceifadora of Lives 

With an ancient invocation, he performed the Rite of convening ... but the death was not who was in the magic circle on the floor. The man in the circle was dressed in black. His head was hidden by a helmet carved in bone, glass and metal. Flames danced in the dark velvet of his mantle; around his neck, was hung a jewel, a ruby, and next to it, a leather purse closed at the top by string ... 

It was Morpheus, Master of Dreams.

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